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Growing With You For Generations

We are an independent seed company dedicated to providing the most advanced corn seed, soybean seed, alfalfa seed, silage seed, wildlife seed, and forage seed at an exceptional value. Our mission is to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our customers through the exceptional seed products and service we provide.


A Strong Foundation

Kussmaul maintains relationships with numerous breeding programs in order to provide the best genetics available.

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Over 80 Years of Experience

Over 80 years of experience evaluating, testing and introducing new products and technologies as they become available.

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Value First Approach

Kussmaul Seeds will continue to sell products based on the value to our customers, not based on our bottom line.

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Why Choose Kussmaul Seeds? We'll Tell You!

With almost 80 years of experience and a continuous focus on maximizing your profits, we’ve been able to build a list of advantages very unique to Kussmaul Seeds.

At Kussmaul Seeds, one size does not fit all. Some seed companies have what they call Dual Purpose Hybrids, meaning one hybrid will be used for silage or grain or even as an ear picking hybrid. At Kussmaul Seeds, we offer silage-specific hybrids, RFS, intended to be used for silage only. We offer hybrids that are best suited for farmers who harvest their corn with mechanical ear corn pickers. We have products that are intended to be used in the western market areas only. We also have products that excel in specialty markets such as ethanol production, or high oil extraction. We offer alfalfas to meet the many different environments and management practices of our diverse customer base.

We are very proud to be able to help you be more profitable. We also know that when you purchase a bag of our seed, you place your trust in us. It’s our responsibility not to let you down. Our reputation and our name are on the line every time a bag of Kussmaul Seed is planted. We accept and endorse that responsibility. Our name is on every bag we sell!

The Kussmaul Advantage

  • The Best Genetics Available

    As an independent company, we have access to every breeding program commercially licensing genetics to seed companies. We produce and provide the best hybrids for our marketing areas.

  • Locally Conducted Research

    Not only do we belong to a testing cooperative, generating multi-site data, but we also do our own planting and harvesting of research plots. This assures that prior to releasing a new hybrid, we already know how the new hybrids will perform. We are the guinea pigs – not you!

  • Family Owned

    A lot of the same traits that are important to you are also important to us, because we are farmers.

  • We Care About You

    We personally know you, our customer. We make a practice of knowing our customers, their needs and their operations. You are not just a number in our computer database, but you are friends and information sources to us.

  • Your Success is Our Goal

    We encourage our salespeople to visit their customer’s field plots often. Watch as these hybrids and varieties grow. Walk their customer’s fields several times a year; keep an eye on the competition’s fields. Ask questions, talk to some of the plant breeders that develop some of the products and ask questions. We want your Kussmaul salesperson to be able to guide you through the many products available, so they can make the best recommendations to you. Their job is to make you more profitable.

Our Customers Come First!

Our employees are dedicated to providing you with the very best seed. Our employees who farm have friends that buy our seed. Our production employees have buddies who plant Kussmaul Seed. Our salesmen have made friends and have formed personal relationships with many of their customers. Everyone at Kussmaul Seed has a hand in what we offer. Our employees take great pride in what they do and feel responsible for the seed that we deliver.

Client Testimonials

  • Kussmaul Seeds Testimonial
    We planted the Hay and Pasture Mix in 2005 which was a drought year. The stand made it through the drought and wintered very well. The stand is excellent this year. - Larry Whetstine, Customer