Genetic Diversity for Protection and Security

For more than 80 years, Kussmaul Seeds has been providing our customers with genetically diverse crop seeds with the convenience of purchasing from one company, Kussmaul Seeds.


Corn Hybrids to Fit Your Needs

In order to help fit the needs of farmers across the country, Kussmaul Seeds offers a wide variety of hybrids with many different, yet significant traits to conventional and organic hybrids.

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Genetic diversity and why is that important?

Genetic diversity provides your crops with a natural resistant to various pest and diseases. This is similar to the genetic diversity cattlemen seek in breeding their herd.

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Kussmaul Seeds introduces Winter Wheat

Winter wheat can provide most of the cover crop benefits of other cereal crops as well as a grazing option prior to spring tiller elongations.

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Our Customers Come First!

Our employees are dedicated to providing you with the very best seed. Our employees who farm have friends that buy our seed. Our production employees have buddies who plant Kussmaul Seed. Our salesmen have made friends and have formed personal relationships with many of their customers. Everyone at Kussmaul Seed has a hand in what we offer. Our employees take great pride in what they do and feel responsible for the seed that we deliver.

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