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Growing With You For Generations

We are an independent seed company dedicated to providing the most advanced corn seed, soybean seed, alfalfa seed, silage seed, wildlife seed, and forage seed at an exceptional value. Our mission is to develop and maintain long-term relationships with our customers through the exceptional seed products and service we provide.


A Strong Foundation

Kussmaul maintains relationships with numerous breeding programs in order to provide the best genetics available.

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Over 80 Years of Experience

Over 80 years of experience evaluating, testing and introducing new products and technologies as they become available.

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Value First Approach

Kussmaul Seeds will continue to sell products based on the value to our customers, not based on our bottom line.

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As fall approaches, we begin our 81st year of offering seed corn to our customers. Not just seed corn, but also alfalfa, soybeans, forage seeds, wildlife foot plot seed and one of the most diversified genetic portfolios in the industry.

We encourage all of our customers to keep an open mind when making their 2015 seed choices. As everyone knows, traited seed has brought many advantages, conveniences, more flexibility and in most cases more yield to your farms. When commodity prices were high everyone was making money and everyone was happy, but now that commodity prices have dropped back down, each grower must decide for themselves where to spend their input dollars and how to get the most profit per acre.

Sometimes, the higher cost of traited seed returns the most profit. Other times growers can profit more by returning to conventional seed, lowering their input costs and monitoring their crops for weeds and pests. But always the most profit will be realized by purchasing the highest quality seed available.

So as we enter our 81st year of providing growers with seed, we also want you to know that our knowledgeable sales people are here to assist you through all the choices and technologies available today. Thank you for purchasing Kussmaul seeds in the past and we hope that you will continue to plant Kussmaul into the future. After all, we have been growing together since 1934.

Our Customers Come First!

Our employees are dedicated to providing you with the very best seed. Our employees who farm have friends that buy our seed. Our production employees have buddies who plant Kussmaul Seed. Our salesmen have made friends and have formed personal relationships with many of their customers. Everyone at Kussmaul Seed has a hand in what we offer. Our employees take great pride in what they do and feel responsible for the seed that we deliver.